With over a whooping 3,000,000 social members and initiated by a Cyprus centered commodities and Forex trading business, eToro has done a large ripple in the industry of online trading. The broker states to have totally changed web investing much like LinkedIn and Facebook has finished with social media. Not only has eToro’s trading system earned credit for its social trading networking and investor speaking abilities, it has also been capable of drawing in a sizable quantity of active clients to its innovative trading platform.

The functions utilized by the community forums are easy and straightforward to grasp as well. The features of the platform are simple to use and with the release of the OpenBook Network in year 2010, this broker has grown its application level. A year later, they became much more innovative by presenting its convenient eToro app. So today customers could deal on the move at ease. This eToro social trading network have taken a further step by adding videos and images too. As a starter investor there are a broad amount of solutions to make you better.

About eToro social trading

Clients could make use of all the features, and no charges will be billed for it. Even if customers desire to follow the steps of investors using the “CopyTrader” feature, anyone can use it free of charge. But, the great part of the eToro social trading platform is the informative value that it offers to investors who predict on equities, currencies and commodities. As with other social trading platforms, this broker gives investors an opportunity to practice with its practice account that is financed with $10k in paper money.

eToro social trading

Learning and retaining a history of the techniques of the top investors in the markets has been made simpler than ever. In just a few steps, all the info is yours to utilize and it becomes refreshed in actual time. Not only does the eToro social trading platform rate pretty high in how consumer-friendly it is, but it also states that the “win %” on average for traders that select to copy investors is as high as 80%. If customers were to register with eToro, watch for investors that have profitable deals near to a 100%.

Conclusion on eToro social trading

The “experts” are there to be of any help whenever clients need them. This broker has a discussion center for instant support. And clients get all the help and advice at any level of their investing needs. If the customer is an expert, eToro app is a good alternative to make a 2nd stream of income and there is an reward program that rewards eToro Experts up to a whooping $10k for 30 days. We found in this eToro social trading review that they offer mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. You can learn more in our eToro app review.