About Us

Wealth Generators, LLC

Randy Garcia

Founder of wallstreetgenerators.com
Randy has countless years of digital marketing expertise and working with Fortune 500 companies, he possesses an unrelenting ability to generate significant company growth through high-profile marketing techniques. He believes that Wealth Generators LLC will grow from a Multi-Million Dollar company into a Multi-Billion Dollar company.

Founders of Wealth Generators, LLC.

Ryan Smith Wealth Generators

Ryan Smith

Founder and CEO
Ryan has over 20 staggering years of experience in business management and in the financial markets.
Chad Miller Wealth Generators

Chad Miller

Chad has been an Entrepreneur all of his life, an Entrepreneur who could find a need and then find the solution.
Annette Raynor Wealth Generators

Annette Raynor

Raynor brings a blended background of financial services and IT (information technology) experience.
Mario Romano

Mario Romano

Mario founded Wealth Engineering in January of 2005 with the principle goal of empowering the “individual investor.”

Executives of Wealth Generators, LLC.

Kevin Gull

Kevin Gull

EVP – Strategic Development
Kevin has been developing brands and integrating marketing strategies for a number clients and companies for over twenty years.

Misty Hoglund

VP – Customer Experience
Misty brings years of management experience in the direct sales industry. Misty is no stranger to unwavering customer service.

Chad Garner

VP – Sales Operations
Chad is our newest member of Wealth Generator’s corporate team. Chad brings over 11 years of a sales and marketing experience.
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