Bitcoin is the market’s very first and most traded cryptocurrency. With a market capitalization of over $100 billion, it makes up 46% of the world’s cryptocurrency and entirely rules out the arena. Bitcoin investing drew the interest of both seasonal traders and the open community as well after surging 700% in just a year. When utilizing the IQ Option broker, investors could utilize from 3 USD/BTC instruments. These 3 instruments provide amazing trading experience but ought to be utilized differently based on the short-term/long-term positioning and personal investing style.


Massive growth is the primary reason behind the popularity of Bitcoin

Bitcoin buying

Cryptocurrency purchase is a very attractive trend in the past few years and obvious choice. The technique in this scenario is as straightforward as that: purchase (or even short sell) Bitcoin and preserve the position open sufficient enough to make up for the spread and bring in acceptable gains. This trading instrument is quite similar to other online cryptocurrency exchanges and FX trading programs. The investor is expected to purchase the cryptocurrency if they feel the value of Bitcoin will grow with time, and short sell it if the value of the currency may be estimated to go down.


Technical analysis tools and long-term trends ought to be considered when looking at Bitcoin

No multiplier is offered for buying cryptocurrency, therefore making it more difficult to miss an entire funding capital in just one investment. A customer’s income will hinge on the varation between the closing and opening costs. The further the asset cost has grew from its initial form, the larger the profit. Particular industry analysts think that due to larger spreads the cryptocurrency asset is better suited for long-term investments.

Bitcoin CFD

Cryptocurrency-structured contracts for variation symbolize an additional feasible option. Instead of purchasing the Bitcoin itself, clients may buy the contract. In compliance with it, the trader holding the contract will retrieve the difference between the present and the future rates of Bitcoin. As we previously had mentioned in this article, the larger the difference, the larger is the return margin of the deal presented.

IQ Option bitcoin

Technical analysis tools and short-term trends ought to be considered when looking into CFDs.

In spite of superficial likeness, cryptocurrency and CFDs investments operate differently. As always in investing, the distinction is in the pudding. CFDs enable for short-term opportunities due to lower spreads. CFDs do not demand significant cost shifts in order to stay net positive. In case of contracts for difference, investors have entry to the multiplier. The latter operates as a loan, allowing the client to use capital throughout a period of one investment. It could be utilized to manage larger positions than the investor could afford.

Bitcoin withdraw

IQ Option customers now have a possibility not only to deal Bitcoin, but also to withdraw the market’s most trending cryptocurrency. Following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Open up a Bitcoin wallet. For example, using, or
  2. Locate Bitcoin in the menu of available assets in the Crypto area and start a BUY of desired amount.
  3. Locate your investment in the portfolio and simply click on it to view the details.
  4. After click on the withdrawal icon to proceed.
  5. The application will then take you to the following phase, where you will have to put in your wallet info.
Bitcoin Withdrawal

The selection could be located at the bottom of the order details section

The opportunity will be sealed once the broker’s financial department approves your withdrawal request. View this full page ‘How to Withdraw Bitcoin?‘ to learn more.