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Learn how to withdraw Bitcoin in this article:

IQ Option continues to surprise and perhaps stun (in a good way) their investors with daily releases and improvements. Investors may now withdraw Bitcoin straight out of their trade room! During the last few years, the recognition of other Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin has grown significantly, given the massive trading volume, public interest, capital invested, and supply and demand laws.

With the industry seeing all times high in 2018, odds are that you are thinking about either buying some or withdrawing some of the assets that you may already possess. This is typically where new customers come across difficulties, as there are numerous methods to go about this and investors sometimes are concerned about making sure that everything is secure and safe with their business.

How to withdraw Bitcoin from wallet

Before we start, there’s a few extremely vital tidbits you have to realize. First, always double check that your wallet details for both withdrawal and deposit match up perfectly, and make absolutely sure to pick the right cryptocurrency. Any slight errors, such as a typo while typing in your Crypto wallet details or giving Bitcoin cash (BCC/BCH) to a Bitcoin wallet most definitely can result in irreverisible loss of money.

So here is a short how to withdrawal Bitcoin tutorial on how you could simply withdraw, in a few clicks actually.

  1. To withdraw Bitcoins, make sure to set up a Bitcoin wallet. For example:,,
  2. Start a BUY position on the Bitcoin asset tab under Crypto section with the desired amount of funds.
  3. Open up your account portfolio on the left side panel and find the open position.
  4. Locate the withdrawal tab under the details checklist, select that tab.
  5. This app will carry you to the following phase – your Bitcoin wallet information.
How to withdraw Bitcoin

The selection could be located at the bottom of the order details section

Once the IQ Option financial department approves your withdrawal or deposit request, the opportunity will close. As a result, you can withdraw Bitcoin with the total of your investment into the position, in line with the Bitcoin price at the period of the opportunity placement. In this short how to withdraw Bitcoin review traders should know this.

Few things traders should keep in mind

  • Please keep in mind that the broker limits the Bitcoin withdrawal to the amount of the deposit generated.
  • Clients will have to provide copies of their documents in color if they have not already attached them.
  • Clients could only withdraw one position at a time.

To withdraw Bitcoin with this broker you must first create an account with them. Please visit their Official page via the banner below to learn more on how you can do this. Click the image below now to get started!