In order to trade online, traders have to activate the services of an online trading broker. Here at we have displayed a list with all the top comparison variables that will assist traders in choosing which broker to start an account with. In this assessment we have also considered our most frequently asked questions, and have documented that these are vital factors when investors are trying various online brokers:

    1. What are the Terms?
    2. Is the broker Regulated?
    3. How much is the Minimum Trade?
    4. What is the required Minimum Deposit?
    5. Does the broker offer a free Demo Account?
    6. Does the broker offer a free Mobile Trading App?
    7. Does the broker offer customer support for Registered Traders?
    8. Which broker has the greatest selection of expiry times? (30, 60 second, long term, end of day, etc)
    9. What kinds of options are offered? (Ladder, Touch, Pairs, Boundary, etc)
    10. Additional Options – Such as Metatrader 4 (MT4), or Early Closure integration or plugin.

We go over as many of these assessment variables as conceivable in our list below.

Regulated Brokers

Regulation is an essential variable when assessing the best broker. Brokers that are unregulated are not all always untrustworthy, or scams, but it does imply a investor must do more ‘research’ before opening an account with them.

Top regulatory bodies:

  • FCA – Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • FSB – Financial Services Board (South Africa)
  • SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission (US)
  • CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission (US)
  • CySec – The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (EU and Cyprus)

There are additional regulators in addition to the above mentioned, and in many occasions, leading brokers will be regulated by more than one body. This is becoming more frequent in Europe regions where trading is under going examination. The top industry brokers will always have some regulation of some kind.

Regulation is put in place to protect investors from possible fraudulent activities. This makes sure that the client’s capital is properly kept and to provide investors with a route to take in the occasion of a dispute. It is very important to consider choosing a “Regulated Broker” in order to have that peace of mind.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are an essential tool to test-drive particular brokers, without having to risk any capital. Investors could open demo accounts at more than 1 broker, test them out and only make a deposit in whichever broker suits them most. Demo accounts provide the best route to try out a broker, risk-free.

Low Minimum Deposits

Minimum deposit statistics vary from $5 to $250 – which is a big difference if a investor decides to invest often. For most investors, this may be less of an issue in terms of looking for the ideal broker, but for some it may be essential. Keep in mind that demo accounts are a risk-free route to “Learning To Trade“.

Which is the best Online Trading Broker 2018?

Online trading brokers are normally a question of personal preference. One investor may prefer a simple layout, while another investor may want a lot of information on display all the time. It depends on your level of expertise as well, the most highly rated broker at this moment is IQ Option.

All of the factors covered above will eventually impact the way a investor performs the market, and as a result, their productivity. The suitable situation is to get a trading broker that gives:

  • A handful of financial assets spread across different markets.
  • Features an acceptable demo account that allows you to practice trades risk-free.
  • Provides flexible expiration dates without forcing investors into extreme long expiration’s.

Investing utilizing a broker’s platform will only be joyful, and efficient, if its a credible operator.