Are you completely new to the affiliate marketing field? Or just maybe other affiliate programs have let you down time and again? Generating a lucrative income with affiliate programs is dependent on one element and one element only: finding the right affiliate program that actually works. Is the affiliate program providing earning potential and no support? So many variables ultimately determine the “right” program. We are not saying to give up at all, but to make sure that the Affiliate Program suits your wants and needs.

A trading broker affiliate program serves 3 simple purposes:

  • Every trader needs a broker that will match their wants and needs.
  • Every broker needs a trader to invest on their trading platform.
  • Affiliates earn commissions by referring traders to the brokers.

This simple affiliate relationship gives the opportunity to profit as a trading affiliate. If you are searching for a lucrative affiliate program then the IQ option affiliate program might just be right for you.

How it works
This affiliate system works in a very simple way: IQ option provides their affiliates with a distinctive ID and a hyperlink to the IQ option landing page that contains this distinctive ID. Every single time a client gets to IQ option by clicking on your hyperlink, IQ option will enroll this client as your referral. If a client decides to trade with IQ option, you will receive a reward. This reward is dependent on a revenue share structure which means you get a percentage portion of the business you produce with IQ option.

Revenue share
With the IQ option affiliate revenue share, you can take part of the earnings your client generates on the platform on a large scale. For as long as your client remains with this platform, you will receive 50% of the income that your client generates with IQ option. While the revenue share program produces fewer initial returns than a CPA program (Cost Per Acquisition), it can definitely create a long-term residual income that can potentially last for months and even years, for as long as your client decides to stay.

The best part of it all, its absolutely free to become an affiliate.

IQ Option
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