How can I start trading?
Register with a broker/trading platform, ideally one of our most recommended brokers.

Which automatic trading software does your team recommend?
We extremely recommend the Option Robot software, which is the most popular right now.

What investing strategy is the most used?
Trend Strategy is the most typically used and most lucrative strategy.

What are Binary Options?
You can learn more about Binary Options in this article.

Where could I open a free demo account?
You can open a free demo account on the IQ Option demo platform risk-free.

What do put and call signify?
The Call option is used if traders predict that the value will rise. If predicted that the value will fall, then they select Put.

What does the expiration time indicate?
Expiration time is the time in which a certain trading expires.

What does the maximum winning percentage for trading brokers mean?
It is the maximum returns, which you could get on an investment.

Is it possible to invest with a mobile device?
Yes, most brokers offer a free trading app when you register with them.