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Name: Randy Garcia
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City: West Palm Beach
State: Florida
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Call Randy Garcia for any questions or concerns about West Palm Beach Kia, or buying any vehicles. I will absolutely without a doubt guarantee the BEST PRICE all the time when you visit me at the Dealership.

About Me & West Palm Beach Kia

West Palm Beach Kia

Kia Models

If you are looking for a KIA at West Palm Beach then you came to the right place for that! West Palm Beach KIA offers a variety of different used and new cars on the lot. If you have been researching about any KIA in the area then this is the place you should go because they offer competitive prices that makes it hard to beat. West Palm Beach KIA offers the KIA Rio, KIA Forte, KIA Optima, KIA Sorento, KIA Sedona, and other KIA models as well.

Great Prices

West Palm Beach KIA has cheap prices on new or pre-owned vehicles that are just mind blowing. See the great deals that West Palm Beach KIA has! West Palm Beach KIA now has a ton of great deals on some new cars. West Palm Beach KIA also understands that buying a vehicle with bad credit, no credit, or a first time buyer is stressful so West Palm Beach KIA makes sure that they go every inch for the customer.


Finding any type of new KIA at West Palm Beach is difficult because very few dealerships offer NEW KIA’s at a great deal, West Palm Beach KIA is the place to go for that and located at 735 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL. West Palm Beach KIA offers amazing customer service without the hassle and West Palm Beach KIA takes pride in what they do because they know what customers want and need when shopping for a vehicle.

Finance Specials

If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, either new or used, and you live in West Palm Beach, KIA West Palm Beach is the best place to start. At KIA, we offer car loans and financing. You can get your credit approved in advance. Call us to learn about the latest finance information including lease and finance specials at KIA West Palm Beach. Our KIA also provides a payment calculator to help you estimate the amount of your car payments.


KIA West Palm Beach takes all trades, including motorcycles and boats. If you are debating about how much you can expect on a trade-in, you can provide a small amount of information and we will be able to display actual offers for cars just like yours. When it comes to buying or leasing a vehicle the choices can be confusing. Our trade-in experts will provide useful information to help you choose the best option. West Palm Beach KIA will give you a fair price.

Massive Inventory

Our new car inventory includes Coupes, Hatchbacks, Minivans, Sedans, SUVs and more. In addition, KIA West Palm Beach has just about any make and model of pre-owned vehicles you can think of-just call for information. A friendly and knowledgeable sales technician will give you all the details and help you find just the automobile to fit your needs at a price that is within you budget. You can chat with a salesperson on line if you prefer.

Different Vehicles

West Palm Beach KIA also has used cars of different types of brands and models. Come visit today at West Palm Beach KIA for a quick overview of what we have in stock. Many dealerships in South Florida don’t provide the comfort that our dealership provides such as great customer service that would allow you to spend a great day shopping for a car at our dealership without having to worry about wasting your time.

Building Relationships

The best way to build a business is to build a unique and wonderful relationship so we go every step of the way to make sure that every customer is happy with their purchase or time at our dealership in West Palm Beach. West Palm Beach is a wonderful place to also drive around if you ever wanted to take a tour around with the family with your new purchase. City Place, and beaches are just a few miles away from West Palm Beach KIA.


When you arrive at the business, you will be greeted by friendly personnel and sales specialists at all Kia of West Palm Beach facilities. There, technicians and sales specialists will provide friendly and knowledgeable service as you choose the Kia of your dreams to drive home or, if you already have a Kia, to pursue any necessary service. Reliance on Kia dependability and engineering will quickly become your favorite habit as you get used to the quality.

Trained Staff

Kia vehicles are available in several popular models for your driving pleasure. Produced as cars or SUV’s, there is a model that will meet your needs.  Favorable financing and exceptional special purchase terms are always available when you ask one of the well-trained staff associates at Kia of West Palm Beach. The staff and brand experts are always pleased to accommodate your every need and specific desire.

Customer Loyalty

Customers enjoy working with dealership personnel during a KIA West Palm Beach sales event because staff members are so pleasant and knowledgeable. Sales staff are quick to help customers locate the vehicle of their dreams in the specified price range to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat or referral business. Winning  new customers and preserving their long-term loyalty is a stated duty of all sales associates.

Kia Optima

Purchasing a Kia from KIA Optima in West Palm Beach enables you to enjoy the status of being a Kia owner while simultaneously enjoying the economic benefits of buying a reasonably priced vehicle with an outstanding resale value and performance track record. Thus, purchasing a Kia from KIA Optima in West Palm Beach is a win-win for the purchaser in terms of the status that comes with owning a shiny new or used popular car.

Kia Soul

The Soul has brought back its unique silhouette, and has added more space for people and cargo. The outer design features a blunt front end, tall tail lamps, and bug-eye headlights. The interior has the right amount of sophisitcated and cool features like ambient lighting, There are comfort oriented seats with dual density foam and cushioned  front seats. There are center console controls. There is ease and smoothness in getting in and out of the 2016 Soul.

Kia Rio

Not only are KIA models the safest, most reliable and competitively priced vehicles on the road, KIA Rio in West Palm Beach has an impressive selection right on our lot. Our knowledgeable KIA sales and KIA customer service team is ready to guide you step by step to find the perfect KIA model for you. Bring the whole family and let us show you why your next car should be a KIA from your friends at KIA Rio in West Palm Beach.

Kia Sorento

The KIA Sorento in West Palm Beach has the Sorento in stock. The KIA Sorento created a buzz after winning the 2015 Top Safety Pick by the IIHS. The Sorento also achieved the Overall 5-Star Safety Rating from the NHTSA. J.D. Power states that the KIA Sorento is the “Highest Ranked Midsize SUV in initial quality”. They have also concluded that KIA maintains the highest rank of all non-luxury brand vehicles.

Kia Forte

When a used Kia Forte in West Palm Beach come into our dealership, it is not immediately placed on the lot and put up for sale. Only vehicles that have passed the extensive 150 quality point inspection check, will be given the name of Certified Pre-Owned. Certified technicians, with extensive automotive skills and knowledge, recondition every Kia that comes into our dealership.

Kia Sedona

Our dealerships offer KIA Sedona’s for rent to give you a chance to cruise with style. Apart from that, the cars we offer are also for sale, you can decide to get a used or new car depending on your budget and needs. The used cars we offer are certified pre-owned and have been inspected and tested to ensure quality for you while using it. In addition, you can expect the best quality in customer service because our sales team corporate to ensure that.

West Palm Beach Kia Service

West Palm Beach KIA is also a full-service dealership that can help you repair or have your car inspected whenever needed by you. If you live in the West Palm Beach Area or pass by be sure to visit us. For Kia cars, we have a team of qualified technicians who will help take care of you and your KIA. Not only that we will also give you the best in terms of a professional and friendly environment.

Kia Pre-Owned

If you are looking for KIA then we are the dealership for you, not only do we deal in new cars we also deal in certified pre-owned KIA cars (used cars) which have been inspected and tested. This is to ensure that you have a car that is safe and of good quality. We are also proud of our sales team who deal in the KIA dealership in West Palm Beach. Our sales team work together to ensure that you receive only the best in quality customer service.

Cheap Used Cars

Cheap used cars in West Palm Beach. If you’re like most people, you simply don’t have the money to buy a brand new car for about $30,000, $40,000 or any high set price that you believe you can’t afford at the moment. Fortunately, in no way does this mean you won’t be able to get your hands on a quality car in good condition. Consider going to West Palm Beach Kia so that you can score the vehicle of your dreams for a low price.

Fresh Lot

Customers will be hard-pressed to find used cars in West Palm Beach Kia that are older than the year 2005. Most of the used cars we offer at West Palm Beach are 2010 to 2015. Just because you’re buying used cars in West Palm Beach Kia does not mean you need to drive an old piece of junk. You will find that most of vehicles from the used cars in West Palm Beach Kia we offer appear to be fresh off the new car lot.

Inspected Vehicles

Here at West Palm Beach Kia, we carefully inspect all used cars before we put them for sale. If we find any issues, they are taken care of quickly and sufficiently for the satisfaction of our customers. West Palm Beach Kia believes that simply because our customers are paying a low price for a used vehicle does not mean they are not entitled to a quality vehicle.


West Palm Beach Kia has continued to outsell dealerships here in South Florida. Our consistency at West Palm Beach has made it easier for customers to go around and in the market for a newer vehicle. Our location on South Military trail is perfect for those driving around or in need of better options. Our prices are unbeatable making it impossible for other dealerships to compete. With us, buying a vehicle is not only comfortable but it’s also an exciting experience


We are always looking to make whatever seems impossible possible here at West Palm Beach Kia. Keeping it affordable is what we stand by. We believe that purchasing should be a lot less stressful and for most affordable. Our inventory is very selective where we have luxury, KIA (k900) and we have reliable KIA (Forte). Our most popular vehicle the KIA “Soul” has captured not only the eye of our Kia owners, but the soul.

Parts Department

Our service department is such a convenience. It keeps our clients from dealing with the everyday stresses involved with maintenance. We offer roadside assistance where in any emergency roadside assistance will come out and meet the customer providing them with mobile service. We solve unique problems with just one phone call whether it’s a simple oil change or an overall tune-up. We also have a parts department allowing our customers to purchase

Amazing Warranty

Not only do we offer a 100,000 mile 10 year powertrain warranty, but that warranty is bumper to bumper. We have one of the strongest warranty packages covering your Kia for up to ten years. Our finance department is extremely aggressive in getting our customers approved. We work with several different banks and specifically focus on customers who have bad credit, or weak income.

West Palm Beach Kia