Zebpay review

The Zebpay bitcoin exchange is the quickest route to buy and sell bitcoins in India. In this Zebpay review you will learn about their top bitcoin rates. In the starting of 2017, 1 Bitcoin was worth around Rs 55000. But within just 5 months the price has erupted to a whopping 1,800,000 INR. This led Bitcoin to come in the highlight amongst Indians. Thus, a vast number of people around the world desired to invest in BTC and earn money. So, if you are one of those individuals who want to buy Bitcoin in India. Then nothing is more prudent than Zebpay.

Zebpay is a smartphone only Bitcoin Wallet. Which grants you to Store, Deliver/Acquire and Purchase/Sell Bitcoins in India. This is one of the many utilized Bitcoin App in India because of its clear and effortless to understand user display. This was started in September 2014 and has been chosen as the finest Bitcoin Startup at Coinagenda in Las Vegas in 2014. It is established at Singapore and functions from Ahmedabad, India. Additionally, Zebpay is a major downloaded Bitcoin Wallet App in India and has presently surpassed the mark of 600,000+ successful downloads.

About Zebpay review

I have been researching this Zebpay review for moreover 4 months now. And I never faced any serious issues. Still, I had reached out to Zebpay Support at least 3 times or more while I was still a young grass hopper in regards to cryptocurrencies. Their customer support team are incredibly punctual and productive. You will get a response from them within 24 working hours. At least that’s what occurred to me often. They even send an email before ever considering closing the ticket which is a very superb method to keep the customers pleased and happy.

Zebpay Bitcoin

The Buy and Sell charges on Zebpay are quite substantial. When in comparison to the other variety of Indian exchanges. In addition to the range between Buy and Sell is completely broad. Bitcoin costs on Zebpay are 10% (Typical) more in contrast to Global Bitcoin costs. This is where Zebpay lags behind other exchanges. More so, there is a Rs. 10 fee on all ‘Rs’ withdrawals and there are no charges on buying & selling BTC. According to my Zebpay review, they are a trusted and reputable way to begin your Bitcoin journey in “India”.

Conclusion on Zebpay review

The user interface is genuinely incredibly basic and uncomplicated for a Novice. In Fact, they even include a variety of features/attributes such as Recharge and Vouchers but that isn’t of much use. Within the grounds/boundaries of trust and protection, Zebpay review proves it quite well. Also, the support team is very beneficial. But the only thing that lags is the disperse involving Buy & Sell and the rates of Bitcoin. The moment you are knowledgeable at understanding Bitcoins, you can attempt Unocoin which is a bit challenging for a Novice however the rates of Bitcoin are seriously low.